The Township is pleased to offer the following maps for your convenience:

Township Road Map

•Hamilton County Road Map

Zoning Map

Interactive Zoning Map


*Please note also that the Planning & Zoning Department is able to offer custom made maps.  Such maps can show a variety of items including (but not limited to) a particular parcel, area as well as specific features that they wish to have shown.  The following are options you can add to a custom made map.  Such maps are available by contacting the Planning & Zoning department directly.  Please allow 48-hours to produce the map for your use.  Fees are applicable.

•local streets, buildings, sidewalks, sewers/sewer manholes, driveways, land slide potentials, zip code

 boundaries, school boundaries, floodzones, parks, roadways, drainage basins, parcel numbers, subdivision boundaries, 

addresses, points of interest, intersections,   parcel dimensions, pavement, voter precincts.