Adam C. Lehmann, Stream Specialist with Hamilton County Soil & Water Conservation District, attended a recent Trustees Workshop Meeting to present information about the Cooper Creek Collaborative.  At that Workshop Meeting, the Board of Trustees voted to authorize Superintendent/Assistant Administrator Kellums to work with Mr. Lehmann to allow for the construction of a demonstration stable wood structure in Bechtold Park. Such structures have been proven to slow down erosive flows and, by building one at Bechtold Park and including an informational sign, the Township will be helping to educate the community about this issue.

The Winter 2019 issue of Sycamore Township’s newsletter contained the following article about the Cooper Creek Collaborative:

The Cooper Creek Collaborative is a partnership of organizations and community members who have come together to restore our creek.  We are working to rebuild a healthy natural stream system to be enjoyed by our community and local wildlife.  Our efforts will protect private and public property from excessive streambank erosion and reduce local flooding.  The Collaborative is harnessing resources from national, regional, and local partner organizations to invest in our community and our creek.

To learn more about our creek and the work that the Collaborative has planned in the community, please access the information on our website,

The Collaborative is in the process of pursuing funding to purchase hundreds of trees to give away to private property owners in the Cooper Creek watershed.  To help us provide the trees and related services that the community wants, we are asking for your feedback.  If you live in the Cooper Creek watershed, and are interested in receiving free trees, please visit and take our survey. If you include your address and e-mail we will be sure to notify you when you are eligible to receive free trees.

Residents may also be interested in the following article on the EPA website: EPA Researchers Partner with Cincinnati’s Cooper Creek Collaborative to Improve Water Quality