catch basinThe Maintenance Department is responsible for maintaining approximately 2,700 catch basins and approximately 399,600 lineal feet of storm sewer pipe. All catch basins are inspected annually and cleaned as needed. The inspection/cleaning program generally begins in December and continues through the spring of the following year. Any needed repairs to the storm water system are ongoing throughout the year.
Any concerns or questions in reference to the storm sewer system or storm water issues in the Township right-of-way, please contact our Maintenance Department at (513) 792-7257 or complete a citizens request on the Action Line which may be accessed from the home page.

If your drainage complaint involves private property, it must be handled as a civil matter. Under the Ohio Revised Code, townships and counties have NO RESPONSIBILITY OR AUTHORITY for correcting private drainage problems. They are prohibited by law from entering upon private property and expending Township funds to clean or maintain existing drainage ditches/natural watercourses or to install new. Each property owner in the state of Ohio has the legal responsibility, at their own expense, to clean and maintain existing drainage ditches and natural watercourses on their property; keeping them free and clear from obstructions to prevent drainage problems or excess surface water build up on adjoining property and Township roads.

The only responsibility and authority of the Board of Trustees is to clean and maintain ditches in the Right of Way or in a recorded drainage easement.

Any concerns or questions regarding storm water issues on private property, should be directed to the Hamilton County Public Works Department at (513) 946-4750.