Exciting recycling news for Sycamore Township residents! Rumpke Waste & Recycling has partnered with Hefty ReNew to bring their hard-to-recycle plastics recovery program to Greater Cincinnati! Fill a Hefty ReNew bag with hard-to-recycle plastics such as salad bags, cereal and cracker box liners, shredded cheese packages, bubble wrap, foam egg cartons and more! Tie up the bag and place it in your Rumpke Recycling bin or public recycling drop box for collection.
Hefty ReNew is not intended to replace your normal recycling routine; it will complement it! Continue putting paper, cardboard, cartons, glass and plastic bottles, tubs, cups, aluminum cans and steel cans in your Rumpke bins or community drop boxes loose and unbagged.
Beginning in November, Hefty ReNew orange bags will be available at Kroger or online at Kroger.com, but you can request a FREE Starter Kit today!