Board of Directors:

Tom Weidman, Chairman
Tom Moeller, Treasurer
Rick Staubach, Secretary
Ken Born, Member
Tom James, Member
Jim LaBarbara, Member
Ray Warrick, Executive Director

Beginning October 1, 2013, if your business or place of employment has an address that falls within the range or is shown on the map below, you are required to pay municipal taxes of .75% on net profits or qualifying wages per the Kenwood JEDZ Central District. The tax will be collected by the City of Madeira.

CLICK HERE for a Map of the JEDZ Central District.

4800-5390 E. Galbraith Road (All Addresses)
5900, 5901 & 5905 E. Galbraith Road
7200-8200 Kenwood Road (Even Addresses)
7800-7989 Montgomery Road (All Addresses)

CLICK HERE for forms and information on the tax collection from the City of Madeira or call 513-272-4212.

Questions about the JEDZ in general or to verify if your property is located in the JEDZ can be directed to Sycamore Township – 513-791-8447 or

If you are a Sycamore Township Resident and work in one of the JEDZ districts, please CLICK HERE for grant information from the Sycamore Township Community Improvement Corporation.