Going on vacation? If so, as a Township resident you’re entitled to a Vacation Watch service that is provided by The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office. Each day our uniformed deputies check residences of those who have signed up for this service.

To add your residence to the check list, please call the Sheriff’s Office Headquarters at (513) 825-1500.Palm Tree on the Beach

Advise the deputy you’re going on vacation. The deputy will ask a series of questions ranging from your departure and return dates and times to emergency contacts in the event something happens while you’re away.

Additional tips to keep your home secure while you’re on vacation:

  1. Make arrangements for your mail and newspaper to be stopped or picked up.
  2. Have your yard cut and snow removed regularly. Your property should look like someone is present.
  3. Timers for lights and/or audible devices provide added security by making it look and sound as though someone is home.
  4. Advise a trusted person that you’ll be away and have them check on your home as well.
  5. Keep all windows and doors locked.