Elected Officials

Tom Weidman, Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Tracy Schwegmann, Vice Chairman

Tracy Kellums, Trustee

Jonathan T. Deters, Fiscal Officer

Sycamore Township Government Complex

8540 Kenwood Road, Sycamore Township, OH 45236
513-791-8447 Office / 513-792-8564 Fax
Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. M-F
For general information, please send an email to info@sycamoretownship.org.


Greg Bickford, AICP, Administrator
gbickford@sycamoretownship.org  513-792-7254

Beth Gunderson, Human Resource Manager/Assistant Administrator
bgunderson@sycamoretownship.org  513-792-7248

Amy Beth Able, Administrative Assistant
aable@sycamoretownship.org  513-791-8447

Office of the Fiscal Officer

Debbie Campbell, Finance and Accounting Director, Records Custodian
dcampbell@sycamoretownship.org  513-792-7259

Mary Tenorio, Assistant Finance Director
mtenorio@sycamoretownship.org  513-792-7256

Planning & Zoning

Zoning Questions 513-792-7250
To enter a property maintenance complaint online: CLICK HERE

Jeff Uckotter, Planning & Zoning Administrator
juckotter@sycamoretownship.org  513-792-7250

Jon Ragan, Planning & Zoning Assistant
jragan@sycamoretownship.org  513-792-7250

Kevin Clark, Planning & Zoning Inspector
kclark@sycamoretownship.org  513-792-7249


Steve Reutelshofer, Superintendent
sreutelshofer@sycamoretownship.org  513-792-7258

Mike Gould, Assistant Superintendent/Project Manager
mgould@sycamoretownship.org  513-792-7251

Tony Perkins, Project Inspector
tperkins@sycamoretownship.org  513-792-7247

Mark Homan, General Foreman
mhoman@sycamoretownship.org  513-792-7277

Dan Lehane, Foreman
dlehane@sycamoretownship.org  513-792-7270

Parks & Recreation

Jason Petty, Parks Supervisor
jpetty@sycamoretownship.org  513-792-7269

Field Condition Hotline 513-792-7275

Fire Department

Rob Penny, Fire Chief
rpenny@sycamoretownship.org  513-792-8562

Doug Morath, Fire Safety Inspector
dmorath@sycamoretownship.org  513-792-7246

Joe Henderson, Fire Safety Inspector
jhenderson@sycamoretownship.org  513-792-7265

Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office

Lt. Michael Tarr, District Three OIC

District Three Office 513-683-3444
Non-Emergency Dispatch 513-825-2280
Accident Reports 513-946-6220
Vacation Watch 513-825-1500

Public Record Requests