Elected Officials

Tracy Schwegmann, Chairman

Tom Weidman, Vice-Chairman

Tom James, Trustee

Jonathan T. Deters, Fiscal Officer

Sycamore Township Government Complex

8540 Kenwood Road, Sycamore Township, OH 45236
513-791-8447 Office / 513-792-8564 Fax
Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. M-F
For general information, please send an email to info@sycamoretownship.org.


Tracy Kellums, Administrator
tkellums@sycamoretownship.org  513-792-7257

Sharon Johnson, Office Assistant
sjohnson@sycamoretownship.org  513-791-8447

Amy Beth Able, Office Assistant
aable@sycamoretownship.org  513-791-8447

Beth Gunderson, Office and Human Resource Manager
bgunderson@sycamoretownship.org  513-792-7248

Office of the Fiscal Officer

Debbie Campbell, Finance and Accounting Director, Records Custodian
dcampbell@sycamoretownship.org  513-792-7259

Susan Woodke, Fiscal Assistant
swoodke@sycamoretownship.org  513-792-7256

Planning & Zoning

Zoning Questions 513-792-7250
To enter a property maintenance complaint online: CLICK HERE

Jeff Uckotter, Planning & Zoning Administrator
juckotter@sycamoretownship.org  513-792-7250

Jon Ragan, Planning & Zoning Assistant
jragan@sycamoretownship.org  513-792-7250

Kevin Clark, Planning & Zoning Inspector
kclark@sycamoretownship.org  513-792-7249


Steve Reutelshofer, Superintendent
sreutelshofer@sycamoretownship.org  513-792-7258

Mike Gould, Assistant Superintendent/Project Manager
mgould@sycamoretownship.org  513-792-7251

Tony Perkins, Project Inspector
tperkins@sycamoretownship.org  513-792-7247

Mark Homan, General Foreman
mhoman@sycamoretownship.org  513-792-7277

Dan Lehane, Foreman
dlehane@sycamoretownship.org  513-792-7270

Parks & Recreation

Jason Petty, Parks Supervisor
jpetty@sycamoretownship.org  513-792-7269

Field Condition Hotline 513-792-7275

Fire Department

Rob Penny, Fire Chief
rpenny@sycamoretownship.org  513-792-8562

Doug Morath, Fire Safety Inspector
dmorath@sycamoretownship.org  513-792-7246

Joe Henderson, Fire Safety Inspector
jhenderson@sycamoretownship.org  513-792-7265

Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office

Lt. Michael Tarr, District Three OIC

District Three Office 513-683-3444
Non-Emergency Dispatch 513-825-2280
Accident Reports 513-946-6220
Vacation Watch 513-825-1500

Public Record Requests