The Parks and Recreation facilities and programs are a strong focal point in our community. With area sports, special events, garden and civic clubs, community projects, and other activities, Sycamore Township offers residents a wide range of amenities. Township facilities include picnic shelters, baseball and soccer fields, a meeting room, botanical gardens and more. Our parks are home to many growing sporting events throughout the year. The Sycamore Township Board of Trustees is dedicated to providing top notch facilities and equipment to our residents and neighbors. The park grounds and facilities are maintained by the Township Maintenance Department, which takes great pride in the appearance of our parks and the safety of the equipment.

If you have any questions or comments about any of our facilities, programs, or any matter concerning the Township’s Parks, please call (513) 791-8447 or contact Parks Supervisor Jason Petty at (513) 792-7269 or [email protected].