Dynegy Energy Services is the aggregated electric supplier for Sycamore Township. The current program has a fixed rate of 5.19¢ per kWh (or 5.34¢ per kWh for renewable energy) through December 2022.

Did you know Dynegy also offers an option for residents to get their electricity from renewable sources? If you prefer 100% renewable energy for 5.34¢ per kWh through December 2022, call Dynegy at 888-682-2170.


The aggregated gas supplier for Sycamore Township is Constellation. The current fixed price for the gas is $0.396/ccf through May, 2022.

If you have any questions about the aggregation program, please contact Dynegy Energy Services (electric) at 888-682-2170, DynegyCustomerService@Dynegy.com or Constellation (gas) at 866-996-7922.

Questions about Aggregation Programs may also be directed to our energy consultant Energy Alliance at 513-794-5555. You may also visit their website and click on our community for pricing information:
Communities — Energy Alliances