Sycamore Township is a strong believer in financial transparency, and has participated in the Treasurer’s Ohio Checkbook website since 2017.  The Township financial data is uploaded to the Treasurer’s website on a quarterly basis.


If you work in Sycamore Township and your place of employment is not in one of our Joint Economic Development Zones, there is no earnings tax.

If you work in the Township and your place of employment has an address that falls within the range of one of our four Joint Economic Development Zones (JEDZ), then you are required to pay municipal taxes of .75% on net profits or qualifying wages. The taxes are collected by three different government entities for the Township. Sycamore Township residents who work in a JEDZ district and had local income tax withheld for the JEDZ, may apply for a grant from the Sycamore Township Community Improvement Corporation (CIC).


Property Taxes:
The collection of property taxes (whether it is for residential property or business property) is the responsibility of Hamilton County Auditor. For more information on property taxes, visit the Hamilton County Auditor’s website at, or call 513-946-4000.


A lighting district is a defined area, typically a street, neighborhood or subdivision, where at least 51% of the property owners want to have streetlights installed and maintained at the property owners’ expense. The Sycamore Township Board of Trustees has the authority to establish a lighting district on any dedicated state highway, county, or township road in Sycamore Township. The establishment of a new lighting district must be initiated by a citizen petition. Property owners pay according to their street frontage and the cost is assessed o their property tax bill.