Zoning Certificates & Inspections

Zoning Certificates & Inspections2023-11-27T16:36:35-05:00

Do you have questions about applying for a Zoning Certificate or what inspections are required for your project? Chances are you will find the answer below. If not, please contact the Planning & Zoning Department at 513-792-7250 or email [email protected] for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the turnaround time for a Zoning Certificate?2021-04-26T13:59:51-04:00

Typically, the review time for Zoning Certificate applications is within 3-5 business days. During especially busy periods, or for more complex commercial applications, review time could take up to 8 business days.

Do I need to apply for a building permit with Hamilton County also?2021-06-30T08:46:06-04:00

Most submittals that are reviewed by the Township for zoning will also require a permit from the Hamilton County Building Department. The items that DO NOT require a building permit include residential accessory structures (sheds) 200 square feet and under and residential fences.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the approved drawings from the Township are delivered to the Building Department for their review.

Hamilton County Building Department
138 East Court Street, 8th Floor
Cincinnati, OH 45202

*If you do not have someone local who can pick up the plans and zoning certificate, we will forward your approved plans to the Hamilton County Building Department,  if you provide the packaging, a prepaid shipping label and a $50 handling fee. 

Is a survey of my property required?2021-04-26T14:22:08-04:00

The office of Planning & Zoning does not require a survey for all types of projects, however, it is recommended for your own protection.  If property line disputes arise. it is a civil matter that must be solved between the two property owners.

How do I obtain a survey of my property?2021-04-26T14:07:55-04:00

There are a few ways in which a property owner may obtain a survey of their property.  The most obvious, but most expensive is to contact a reputable surveyor.  Other ways may include the Hamilton County Recorders Office or by contacting your mortgage or title company.  *Please note the Township DOES NOT have a survey of your property on file. 

What is a site plan?2021-04-26T14:09:41-04:00

A site plan [or plot plan] is a drawing that shows the property lines and dimensions of the property as well as the locations of any existing structures on the lot.  The proposed improvements are to be shown on the site plan including the distances from the lot lines and other structures.

What is an elevation drawing?2021-04-26T14:21:25-04:00

An elevation drawing shows the end result of the proposed structure, including the height.

Does the Township have an inspector who will inspect my project once it is complete?2021-04-26T14:22:57-04:00

Yes.  The Township inspector works hand-in-hand with Hamilton County Building Inspectors to ensure compliance.  It is the applicant’s responsibility to contact the Township once the project is complete to schedule a final inspection. For residential projects, you generally do not have to be present during the inspection.

To schedule a final inspection, contact Kevin Clark at 513-792-7249 or [email protected] at least two business days in advance of desired inspection time.

Does the Planning & Zoning Department do fire reviews as well?2021-06-30T08:50:34-04:00

Fire reviews are conducted by Safety Compliance Inspector Doug Morath.  He may be contacted at 513-792-7246 of [email protected].

*In order for Inspector Morath to approve plans, the applicant must drop off or email him a copy of the Fire/IBI Routing slip stamped with the Hamilton County Building Department permit number for the project.

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