To file a property maintenance complaint CLICK HERE or call our Planning and Zoning Hotline at 513-792-7279.

Most property owners in Sycamore Township take great pride in maintaining their properties. However, there are times when a property may be in violation of the International Property Maintenance Code and / or the Sycamore Township Zoning Resolution. When you notice a property that could be in violation, the Sycamore Township Planning and Zoning Department may be able to help if a nuisance exists.

Once a complaint is received, an investigation will be conducted by our inspector within ten (10) business days, unless prevented by reasons beyond our control. Should the investigation find that the property is in fact in violation, the property owner(s) and/or occupant(s) will be sent a notice alerting them to the problem(s) and giving time to abate the conditions. The majority of these issues are resolved by the property owner within the allotted time. However, if the nuisance persists, Sycamore Township does have the authority to cite property owners to court and/or declare the property a nuisance so that the violations can be abated by a Township hired contractor.

Download Zoning Resolution here

View 2009 Property Maintenance Code here

The Housing & Mediation Service, sponsored by HOME, the Apartment Association, and the Real Estate Investors Association, is available to help with property owner issues and neighbor disputes that cannot be handled by current codes. Call (513) 751-2567.

The Planning & Zoning Department CANNOT resolve the following issues:

  • Solve property line disputes
  • Solve neighbor disputes
  • Handle water run-off issues
  • Solve traffic or road problems (other than Township roads)
  • Recommend appraisers, surveyors, architects, contractors
  • Regulate pet control or behaviors
But perhaps the following departments or offices CAN:

  • Sycamore Township Maintenance Department
  • Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department
  • Hamilton County Building Department
  • Hamilton County Public Works
  • Hamilton County Health Department