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What is an LASR?

An LASR is a Localized Alternative Sign Regulation. The purpose of an LASR is to allow the creation of special signage for large scale land uses, such as shopping centers, office parks, airports, large institutions, universities, medical centers or other uses having multiple buildings.


What is a PUD Modification?

A PUD modification is a request for a change to a previously approved Planned Unit Development. Modifications can be either Major or Minor changes to the plan. Major Modifications must be reviewed by Zoning Commission and the Board of Trustees in public hearings; Minor Modifications may be approved at the staff level.


What is a Planned Unit Development?

A PUD, as it is commonly called, is a means of land regulation which promotes large scale, unified land development by means of mid-range, realistic programs in chase of physically-curable, social and economic deficiencies in land and cityscapes. Where appropriate, this development control promotes: ♦ A mixture of both land uses and dwelling types with

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