stump removalHomeowners whose property fronts a Township street or public right-of-way are responsible for trimming trees and/or shrubbery if they become overgrown and present a safety hazard or danger to motorists and pedestrians. All trees and shrubs shall be trimmed to have a clear height of ten feet above the surface of sidewalks and twelve feet above the surface of the street or roadway. Trees and shrubbery growing out onto the sidewalk shall be trimmed back behind the sidewalk for safe passage by pedestrians. Any questions concerning tree trimming should be directed to our Maintenance Department at (513) 792-7258.

tree limbsTrees located in the right-of-way are the responsibility of Sycamore Township and will be maintained by the Maintenance Department. Should a tree show the signs of damage, Maintenance crews will determine the damage and remove and restore the area left behind. For concerns about trees in the right-of-way in your neighborhood, please complete an online service request.