07/26/2021 Hamilton County Engineer Press Release:

Kugler Mill Road Closure Notice

07/02/2021 Letter to Residents

05/21/2021 Progress Update:

Water main work has now been completed for the Kugler Mill Road Improvement project. Storm sewer work between Kenwood Road and Blue Ash Road is also finished.  Rack and Ballauer Excavating Co., the contractor for this project, is now starting sidewalk and curb installation.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Kugler Mill Road Improvement Project, please contact Superintendent/Assistant Administrator Tracy Kellums at tkellums@sycamoretownship.org or 513-792-7257.

Kugler Mill Road Project Overview:

The Kugler Mill Road Reconstruction Project is underway. This is a joint project among Sycamore Township, Hamilton County and Greater Cincinnati Water Works which includes the total reconstruction of Kugler Mill Rd. from Blue Ash Rd. to Montgomery Rd. The installation of new watermain started in February and will run through April. Storm sewer work will then commence followed by new curbs and roadway. Rack and Ballauer Excavating Co. Inc was the successful bidder for this project in an amount of $3,721,987.40. Greater Cincinnati Waterworks is paying for the watermain portion of this project in the approximate amount of $845,000.00. A state grant is paying for 50% of the rest of the project, with Hamilton County paying for the other 50% of the roadway work, and the Township paying for the other 50% of the storm sewer, curb, and sidewalk work. The Township is using TIF funds for this project also which are generated by commercial development.

03/16/2021 ~ The Hamilton County Engineer has announced a road closure on Kugler Mill Road between Blue Ash Road and Kenwood Road from March 29th to July 2nd. Access will be limited to residents only during that time.

Road Closure News Release 03/16/2021 Letter to Kugler Mill Road Residents 03/02/2021
Project Information Sheet Kugler Mill Road Improvement Project Plans

Choice One Engineering was hired by Sycamore Township to design the improvements to Larchview Drive and Plainfield Road.  This project is a joint project between the Hamilton County Engineer’s Office and Sycamore Township.  An Open House was held on April 29, 2021 at the Sycamore Township Administration Building for residents to view the plans for the project and provide comments.  Feedback from the residents at the open house was very positive overall.

If you did not attend the Open House, you may view the exhibits and handouts here:

Questions regarding Plainfield Road Improvements should be directed to Todd Gadbury, Hamilton County Deputy Engineer, (513) 946-8445 or todd.gadbury@hamilton-co.org  and for the Larchview Drive Improvements contact Steve Reutelshofer, Sycamore Township Design Tech, (513) 792-7258 or sreutelshofer@sycamoretownship.org

Greater Cincinnati Water Works Project

  • Construction is expected to begin on or around February 22, 2021.
  • Construction is to be complete on or around October 20, 2021.
  • The Contractor will normally be working Monday through Friday 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • The Contractor will maintain traffic access for residents, emergency vehicles and school buses at all times.
  • Contact Information: Greater Cincinnati Water Works – Mark Niehe ( 513) 591-7870, or Jon Hunseder (513) 702-4012.
  • Contact Information: Sycamore Township – Tracy Kellums (513) 792-7257 or Steve Reutelshofer (513) 792-7258.
  • For more project information, please see attached Information Letter and Improvement Plans.

Dillonvale Culvert Improvements:

Carpenter Marty Transportation will be doing land surveying work in late April and into early May at the following locations:

3946 & 3945 Mantell

3904 & 3905 Mantell

8589 & 8596 Wicklow

This land survey work is being performed to gather data on the existing culverts to prepare improvement plans.  The improvements will consist of modifications to the existing headwalls, construction of new headwalls and grading work.  The plans will be completed by June and the construction scheduled for this Summer.

Donegal Drive Culvert Improvements:

Brandstetter Carroll Inc was hired by Sycamore Township to design the improvements to Donegal Drive Culvert Improvements.

The culvert is located at the intersection of Gwilada Drive and Donegal Drive.  The improvements will consist of modifications to the outlet end of the existing headwall, construction of new wingwalls and grading work.  The plans will be completed by June and the construction scheduled for this Summer.

2021 Road Improvement Program

06/29/2021 Progress Update:

The following roads and subdivisions have been completed:  Pinecove Court, McCauly Woods Subdivision, and Trowbridge Subdivision in Northern Sycamore Township; Concord Hills Subdivision, Heitmeyer Subdivision and Holiday Acres Subdivision in the Kenwood area; and Applewood, Valerie, Blossom and Winesap in Dillonvale Subdivision. The paving of Bechtold Park has also been completed.

Dillonvale curb work has been completed.  The milling of the asphalt pavement began July 26th  and will include the following streets in Dillonvale: Donna, Wexford, Belfast, Limerick, Darnell, Dublin, Wicklow, Mantell, Donegal, Eldora, Cresthaven, Sedgewick, Rolling, Estermarie, Jud and Huddleston. This will be followed by full depth pavement repairs,  the installation of FiberMat beginning on August 10th, and then the final asphalt pavement.

Asphalt Program Letter June 3 Curb Program Letter June 3

If you have any questions or concerns about the 2021 Road Program, please contact Superintendent/Assistant Administrator Tracy Kellums at tkellums@sycamoretownship.org or 513-792-7257 or Design Technician Steve Reutelshofer at sreutelshofer@sycamoretownship.org or 513-792-7258.

2021 Road Program Project Overview:

The Township has begun a very extensive repaving and curb program in the subdivisions this year, with paving and curb work being done in Kenwood, Dillonvale and the northern part of the Township. This project will cover approximately 10.25 miles of roadway, which is about 20% of the Township’s total mileage. The John R Jurgensen Company was awarded the contract for an amount of $3,130,375.60. This is another project being paid for out of Tax Increment Financing (TIF) funds that are generated by commercial development in the Township, which allows the Township to keep your taxes low and not come to you the voters for a road levy.

 Curb Program Letter to Residents   Asphalt Project Letter to Residents

This Program will include the following streets in
Kenwood, Dillonvale and North Sycamore:

Road Work Ahead Sign

Bayberry Dr.
Firethorn Ct.
Decima St.
Tulipwood Ct.
Elmcrest Dr.
Shagbark Dr.
Autumnwood Dr.
Duneden Ave.
Largo Dr.
Styrax Dr.
Spirea Dr.
Frolic Dr.
Happiness Way
Merrymaker Ct.
Alhambra Ct.
Dartmoor Ct.
Wilton Ct.
Concord Hills Pl.
Concord Hills Ln.
Concord Hills Circle

Donna Ln.
Wexford Ave.
Applewood Dr.
Valerie Ct.
Belfast Ave.
Limerick Ave.
Darnell Ave.
Dublin Ct.
Wicklow Ave.
Mantell Ave.
Donegal Dr.
Eldora Dr.
Cresthaven Ln.
Sedgewick Dr.
Rolling Ln.
Estermarie Dr.
Jud Dr.
Huddleston Dr.

Trowbridge Dr.
Southwick Ln.
Wesken Ln.
Pinecove Ct.
McCauly Rd.
Lewisclark Tr.
Bearvalley Ct.
Coyote Ct.